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Dermalactives 60 Second Lifting Cream & Intensive Firming Serum Firm Texture Set

Dermalactives 60 Second Lifting Cream & Intensive Firming Serum Firm Texture Set

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The Intensive Firming Serum Firm Texture Set from Dermalactives is a powerful combination of active ingredients designed to strengthen and firm the skin. The serum helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. It also helps to restore skin elasticity and promote a healthy, youthful complexion. Both the 60 Second Lifting Cream and the Intensive Firming Serum Firm Texture Set work together to give you a more youthful, vibrant look.
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  • 60 Second Lifting Cream

    Over time your skin loses the ability to retain moisture and elasticity making your skin wrinkle and become lose. Fortunately, Dermalactives has the solution to prevent this problem. The 60 Second Lifting Cream by Dermalactives reverses signs of aging within minutes of application and can last up to 8 hours per application. 60 Second Lifting cream is natural, and will make you feel and look younger and vibrant.

  • Directions 60 Second Lifting Cream

    Before applying ensure that skin is completely cleansed of moisturizers, makeup, or any grease. Using your finger, smooth on (do not rub in) a very thin layer on your face or any problem areas on your face and neck. Keep face expressionless for about 3 minutes while product dries. You may experience a tightening sensation in the first few moments. Be assured that this is a sign the product is working – as it is settling into the pores, lines and wrinkles, it simultaneously pulls the skin tighter together.

  • Intensive Firming Serum

    Dermalactives Intensive Firming Serum helps restore the appearance of your skin’s smooth, firm texture with natural anti-aging ingredients, leaving you feeling young and rejuvenated.

    This unique formula will help restore elasticity, structure and elasticity of the skin.

  • Directions Intensive Firming Serum

    Directions: After thoroughly applying 60 Second Lifting Cream to face, apply two pumps of Intensive Firming Serum to targeted areas to keep 60 Second Lifting Cream working throughout the day. Recommended: For better results use after applying Dermalactives 60 Second Lifting Cream.

  • Intended use

    Elastin & Collagen Rejuvenation Skin Care.

  • SIZE

    30ml/1.01oz EACH.

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